A Will ensures your estate is distributed according to your wishes; a vital legal document that must be kept safe

Documents kept at home are easily lost or misplaced, especially if you move house. Moreover, there is a considerable risk of accidental loss, burglary, destruction by fire, flood or tampering over the many years it is likely to be stored for. The result is that your efforts will have been in vain and that your estate will be subject to the rules of intestacy.

So once completed, signed and witnessed to overcome this problem we provide a secure document storage facility. We also provide our clients with storage certificates, enabling them to notify their family where the Will is kept so your executors can get fast access to your Will when it is required – we are then on hand to help guide them through the legal maze of Probate.

Our service gives clients the confidence to relax in the knowledge that one of the most important documents they are ever likely to sign is in safe hands. By using our Secure Document Storage Service, you will benefit from:

  • Your documents being kept in their original condition ensuring your will remains valid and your assets are distributed in the way that you choose.

  • Your Executors know of their location so your estate can be dealt with quickly and efficiently

  • Receiving a copy of all your documents held in storage, to keep for your records so you know exactly what arrangements are in place.

  • The option to update your Will ensuring your wishes are always reflected in the document.

  • Receive a storage certificate for your Executors detailing where your Will is and how to retrieve it so there is no doubt as to your Wills whereabouts.

  • Help for your family with probate when the time comes to reduce any unnecessary stress.

  • The peace of mind that your Will is stored in a secure storage facility and can be easily located if needed

  • A significant saving on the £50 – £100 per year that could be charged by a bank or solicitor.


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