Professional Negligence Claims

Certain professions owe you a ‘duty of care’ when providing you with a service. They therefore have to act in the way that a reasonable person within their profession would act, and if they do not, they have breached this duty. Solicitors, accountants, architects, surveyors, financial advisors and veterinarians are just examples of the types of professions that owe this duty of care to their customers, and often, a breach of this duty can mean you have a professional negligence claim against them.

It is important to recognise the difference between a professional negligence claim and a complaint about the service provided by the professional. If the actions of the professional have led to a financial loss, for example a solicitor missing a limitation period, and the client then being unable to issue their claim in Court, then this would be a claim for professional negligence. However, if a client has just received poor service from a solicitor, but has not actually suffered a financial loss as a result of that poor service, then this would be a complaint.

If you have suffered a financial loss, then you may have a claim for professional negligence and you should call our legal experts so that we can discuss your case further: 0845 676 9751.

If you have a service complaint, rather than a professional negligence claim, then each of the professions listed below have a dedicated ombudsman or regulator, who can deal with your complaint, and more information can be found on their website:

Areas of specialism

  • Solicitor & legal adviser negligence
  • Architect negligence
  • Accountant negligence
  • Surveyor negligence
  • Financial adviser & insurance broker negligence
  • Veterinary surgeon negligence

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