Personal Injury Claims

Our expert personal injury solicitors recognise that following a traumatic event, many people are anxious about what is involved in bringing a claim. Our highly specialised, experienced and dedicated team of compensation claims solicitors are focussed on making this process as simple and easy to understand as possible. For free initial advice call our legal team on 0845 676 9751

Areas of specialism

Our specialist solicitors are able to deal with a wide variety of cases:

  • Road traffic accident claims

  • Motorbike personal injury

  • Trips, slips & falls

  • Accident at work

  • Occupational diseases

  • Workplace noise – deafness & tinnitus claims

  • Power tool injury claims

  • Accidents involving children

  • Defective product claims

  • Serious injury

  • Fatal injuries

  • Military injury claims

From workplace accidents, to accidents on the road, if you have been injured in an incident that wasn’t your fault, our experts are ready and waiting to help you claim the compensation you deserve. We pride ourselves in making the whole process as simple as possible and alleviating the stress that many people encounter during legal proceedings.

If you have suffered injury of any kind our expert legal advisors can quickly assess whether you have grounds for a claim. If so, an experienced personal injury solicitor will help you to claim the appropriate level of compensation.

Accident compensation claims are always different and that’s why we provide a tailored service which treats every client as an individual. From road accident claims, to industrial power tool injuries and military injury claims, we can provide the knowledge, the experience and the dedication that you require to get the right result.

Quinn work hard to ensure that our services are constantly evolving to the needs of our customers. This way, no matter what life throws at you we can seek the right compensation for your needs.

It all starts with a simple conversation and some free, no obligation legal advice, so if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, even if you are not sure if you have grounds for a claim, why not give us a call on 0845 676 9751


Frequently Asked Questions

How will my case be funded?

In nearly all cases, and this is subject to our early assessment procedure, we are able to offer a conditional fee agreement (“no-win, no fee”). There are however other means of funding, such as the existence of legal expense insurance, and we will be able to assist you in identifying at a very early stage, if this is available to you.

How much compensation am I likely to receive?

Again, as every personal injury case is unique, the amount of compensation will depend upon the particular circumstances of each case and the medical evidence, and other relevant evidence obtained. Until we know the extent and duration of the injuries suffered, we are unable to say how much compensation is likely to be awarded.

I am not even sure if I have a claim, and wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

We recognise that every case is different, and so we carefully assess every case on an individual basis. If we do not believe you have a case then we will tell you, as it is our obligation. It is not in anyone’s best interests to proceed with a case we do not believe will succeed.

My injury occurred some time ago, can I still claim?

The general rule is that you have 3 years from the date of your injury within which to make a claim. If the accident involved a child, then the 3 years only starts to run from the child’s 18th Birthday. There are however exceptions to this rule and it is always better to seek legal advice as soon as possible following any accident.

How long will my claim take?

Every personal injury case is unique, so this will depend upon the circumstances of your individual case. Some straightforward motor vehicle collisions may be settled within a matter of months, where as a case involving a serious injury is likely to take much longer. We will be in a much better position to advise on this once we have completed our initial investigation of the case.

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