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Areas of specialism

  • Birth injury claims

  • Cerebral palsy claims

  • Erbs palsy claims

  • Brain damage/injury

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Delay in diagnosis

  • Dental negligence

  • Surgical accidents

  • Cosmetic surgery claims

  • Laser eye surgery claims

  • Gastric band compensation claims

  • Sports injury claims

  • Hospital infection claims including MRSA

  • Claims against care homes

  • Claims against medical professionals including dentists, opticians, physiotherapists

  • Claims against drug companies and chemists

  • Defective medical products

Our highly skilled legal professionals work hard to earn an appropriate amount of compensation for every clinical negligence claim, since often this compensation must cater for lifelong treatment or care. With years of experience in the field our medical negligence solicitors are also sensitive to the needs of the victims and their families, helping them to adapt to potentially life altering circumstances.

Clinical negligence claims are extremely diverse and complex in nature and every set of circumstances requires a dedicated, bespoke service, which our solicitors are able to provide. If you aren’t sure whether you have grounds for a clinical negligence claim, one of our expert legal advisors could quickly provide the answer. Next, our experienced medical negligence solicitors will fight to earn the right degree of compensation for your needs.

We have helped clients from all over the country to settle claims which allow them to find the ongoing treatment that they might require and also repay any loss of earnings from missed work or the inability to work in the future.

It all starts with a simple conversation and some free initial no obligation legal advice, so if you have been injured as a result of medical negligence and believe you might have grounds for a claim, why not give us a call on 0845 676 9751

Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of a surgical accident I could not work and I have lost earnings/lost my job. Can I claim compensation?

If your surgical complication was due to an error either during the surgery or following the surgery you have a potential case for clinical negligence. The medical professionals caring for you have a duty of care laid down by their professional bodies, to ensure they afford to you the best standard of care that any other equally qualified medical professional would believe is reasonable.

If negligence can be proven you may be able to receive compensation to cover any earnings you would have made or could have made in the future.

I have recently had a termination but have since been told that the surgeon made a mistake and the foetus is still there and it is now too late to have an abortion. Can I claim for the cost of bringing up the child?

No. Previously this was an unclear area however it has recently been confirmed that you can only claim for the pain and suffering involved in carrying the child and going through labour but you can’t claim for the upkeep of the resultant child, unless the child suffers from a disability.

I had my surgery delayed or my problem requiring surgery was not diagnosed for a significant amount of time. Can I claim compensation?

Unfortunately, sometimes, not all problems are simple to diagnose. However, a medical professional has a duty of care to you to do everything in their capabilities to help you. If you believe your doctor (e.g. GP) or other medical professional failed to assess you adequately or send you for appropriate tests for example, and this lead directly to you having unnecessary suffering or a poor outcome from surgery then you may have a clinical negligence claim.

As a result of a surgical complication I have been left with permanent physical damage. Is this acceptable?

As discussed in question 1 all surgery carries a certain amount of risk. If you believe that your physical damage has been caused by surgeon error, also discussed in question 1 or as a result of poor pre or post operative care, as discussed in question 2, you may have a case for clinical negligence.

I had a complication following my surgery that I was not informed of as being a risk. Do I have a claim for compensation?

In the UK, if you are undergoing any type of invasive procedure such as surgery, the doctor is required to inform you of the type of procedure, what the benefits are and what the most frequently occurring or serious complications are. This is called informed consent. The doctor or practitioner must ensure you understand what you are being told before you are asked to sign the consent form. The doctor or practitioner who does the consent form with you must have a reasonable knowledge of the procedure. It is the case that just because you have signed the form it does not necessarily prove that you had been fully informed of all the risks. There may be some risks that you believe you would not have been willing to take had you been informed of them and therefore you would have refused the surgery. If you sign the form in a pre-operative clinic, which can be standard practice in the UK, you must be asked whether you still understand the surgery and risks on the day of surgery. This can be done by a qualified nurse or a doctor who will then sign the consent form to confirm this.

For more information regarding informed consent you can visit:

I had a problem following my surgery but was still discharged home. I had to return to have the problem sorted? Is this acceptable?

As already discussed in question 1, there are complications that can occur following surgery that are not necessarily due to surgeon error. However, it is the responsibility of the nursing and medical staff to ensure you have adequate post operative checks and assessment to monitor for these complications. Some of these checks include: wound check, ensuring you are eating and drinking, checking your vital signs e.g. blood pressure, pulse and temperature and ensuring you have been to the toilet to name but a few. If these checks are not carried out satisfactorily it can mean the difference between a simple treatment such as antibiotics by mouth in the case of infection to an infection throughout the body requiring a long hospital stay, even further surgery, long term physical damage and effects on you and your family psychologically. If you have a complication that is not recognised in the early post operative period or due to poor care post operatively, you may have a case for negligence.

I had surgery and suffered a complication. Can I claim compensation?

There are recognised risks with all types of surgery. Unfortunately just because you suffer from a complication does not mean that there has necessarily been any negligence. It is important to understand the difference between the recognised, most frequently occurring risks and problems that arise from surgeon error, i.e. surgical accidents.

Recognised/most frequently occurring risks can include the following: Infection of the wound or of tissues inside the body, blood clots in the legs, organ damage (varies dependant on area of surgery), Bleeding into the wound causing a lump (haematoma) or out of the wound or internally (haemorrhage), incomplete benefit i.e. a poor result/no benefit and anaesthetic complications such as a collapsed lung following general anaesthetic (The anaesthetist should ensure you are fit for the planned anaesthetic as part of his role).

Complications occurring due to surgical mistakes can include the following: Items left inside the body, Incisions made into the wrong body part or the wrong side of the body operated on, needless surgery (this would be most likely due to poor communication between doctors), and anaesthetic mistakes.

It is worth noting that in relation to the recognised risks there may still be negligence involved if the health professionals caring for you have not taken all the necessary reasonable precautions to prevent these.

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