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Our family and children law solicitors have experience in the whole range of complications surrounding relationship breakdowns including divorce, domestic violence, child access or residence and international abduction. These are things we expect to happen to other people. These issues are a common occurrence.

Our family law team offer free initial telephone advice call: 0845 676 9751.  We offer our expertise to clients from all income levels and can offer a full range of funding that includes fixed fee divorces and legal aid.

We have the strength in depth to handle every type of case from the most straightforward divorce to distressing situations involving children or complex financial affairs. We have close links with specialist barristers, forensic accountants, independent financial advisors, surveyors, actuaries and counsellors who can, where necessary, provide additional support and assistance.

Areas of specialism

  • Divorce

  • Children law

  • Family dispute resolution

  • Separating couples & financial settlements

  • Dissolution of civil partnerships

  • Domestic abuse, harassment & stalking

  • Advocacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any alternative to divorce?

Judicial Separation is available but it is rare and it is usually only used if both parties have religious objections to divorce. Judicial Separation follows the same procedure as a divorce but at the end of it you are not free to re-marry. It simply means that you no longer have any legal duty to live together. If parties decide to divorce later then the procedure is the same for divorce as it does not make getting a divorce any easier or different and would instead result in increased legal costs.

Can I make a will to exclude my husband/wife from getting any of my assets before I am divorced?

Yes, and it is important that you do this if you wish to ensure that your husband/wife does not inherit your estate under the intestacy rules because they are still your next of kin until the Decree Absolute has been pronounced even if you have separated.

What if I can’t afford it?

If you are struggling to afford your legal fees and your spouse has a more substantial income than yourself then it may be that we can negotiate for your husband or wife to pay your legal fees. Alternatively we have good connections with financial institutes and independent financial advisors who may be able to assist.

Will it get nasty?

Many of our solicitors are members of Resolution which is an organisation of over 5000 lawyers and family justice professionals who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. All our solicitors and legal executives follow the Resolution Code of Practice.

Can I avoid going to Court?

You still need to use the Courts to get a divorce but this rarely involves attending a Court Hearing.

As regards the financial matters then if an agreement is reached amicably either between yourselves or with the assistance of solicitors or in mediation then again you should not need to attend a Court Hearing. Instead a Financial Agreement will be prepared and submitted to the Court for the Judge’s approval.

Can my husband/wife use the same solicitor?

It is better to each have a separate solicitor as we will only be able to advise one of you.

Do I need a solicitor?

It is a matter for you as to whether you need a solicitor, but it is usually advisable to get some specialist advice particularly where there are financial matters which need to be resolved. A solicitor will be able to tell you where you stand and help you work out your options.

Can I get the costs back from my husband/wife?

Costs Orders in family cases are rare. However it is possible for Costs Orders to be made in divorce proceedings particularly in cases where the Divorce Petition is based on Adultery or Unreasonable Behaviour.

How much will it cost?

Most solicitors charge you based on how much time they spend on your case and solicitors have different hourly charge rates depending on their experience. The approximate cost for a divorce is £500 + VAT, plus Court fees of £300 to issue your Petition and £40 to apply for your Decree Absolute.

How long will it take to get divorced?

Most divorces take 5 – 6 months from the time when the Petition is lodged with the Court to when the Decree Absolute is pronounced by the Court. The time can vary a lot depending on how quickly you and your husband or wife deal with the paperwork and how busy the Court is. However sorting out the financial matters can take much longer than this.

What if something is wrong but I am not ready to get divorced?

We are still happy to meet with you to discuss what getting a divorce endures and if this is not the right thing for you at the present time then we have excellent links with counsellors and life coaches who we can refer you to and who will talk through your relationship problems and help you work out what is best for your future.

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